Coaching is based on the present and future. We will work together to motivate and empower you to reach your absolute best.  We will collaboratively set goals for you to work on including homework between sessions to help you to accomplish these goals. Goals can include practical issues such as preparing for an interview or learning how to stop putting things off or more emotional subjects such as wanting to improve your confidence/self belief or how you respond to others.
I do not advise my clients but instead support and help them to unlock their potential to maximise their performance and ultimately achieve their goals. I see coaching as a facilitating process where I am very involved in the sessions but allow my clients to ideally come up with their own answers to enable them to think for themselves with my support and guidance.

Counselling is focused on the present but more often than not also very much focused on the past too. We could be looking at how events or experiences from the past have affected you in the here and now. Like coaching I will never advise or tell my clients what to do but I will support and listen, working in a non judgemental and empathic way. Counselling is usually worked at a slower pace with the client determining this and is usually dealing with more deep rooted, emotional issues.
Usually, but not always counselling will be seen as longer term. Also counselling tends to take place at least weekly whereas coaching isn’t usually as often (but could be.)

Sometimes a client may start working on a counselling matter and then after working together on this, the client may then feel they’d like to be coached to enable them to set and work towards achieving future goals and move forward in a positive way.