Hi I’m Lisa and thanks for visiting my website.

 I’m a fully qualified Counsellor based in Richmond, Yorkshire with around 12 years experience.

I currently see clients face to face and over FaceTime, Teams or  WhatsApp. This enables me to work with clients locally or across the UK and overseas.

Are you sick of feeling anxious, negative, helpless or low in mood? Do you have a feeling of dread about the future, lack in motivation or drive and feeling stuck in a negative spiral?

Are you noticing patterns in your feelings, behaviour and beliefs that aren’t helpful and therefore want to change?

Have you been through difficulties in the past and are struggling to process and work through them?

Are you feeling lost or out of sorts but not sure why?

These are areas that can certainly benefit from counselling.

I very much enjoy working with people to help them to reach their true potential by supporting, listening without judgement and helping them to understand themselves better. I am proud to say I have received excellent results helping people to improve their lives, relationships, confidence and self worth in many different ways.

I am extremely passionate about what I do and the most rewarding part of my work is seeing life changing results in my clients. I will support and guide you to help you understand patterns of behaviour, triggers and negative beliefs that are holding you back, working towards achieving your full potential.

Here are some of the topics I have achieved great success

  • Stress-work related, personal, commitment etc
  • Relationship and attachment issues
  • Low self esteem, motivation and confidence
  • Domestic violence-victim or perpetrator
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Bereavement and loss
  • Depression
  • Health issues (dealing with emotional issues connected to living with illnesses)
  • All forms of abuse
  • Addictions and dependancy
  • Loss of meaning to life, suicidal thoughts and lack of positive outlook for the future

I also I work with women experiencing the many challenges and changes associated with menopause and peri menopause.

In addition to my four Diplomas I have received training in working with clients experiencing domestic violence and with addiction issues.

How I work

I believe that we all have within us the resources to change and improve our lives and sometimes we may need someone to help, support and guide us with this. It is often very difficult to talk to people close to you which can lead you to feel alone, lost or unsupported. At times like these talking to a Counsellor about whatever is troubling you can help you find better ways to cope and manage whilst working together in a safe environment.

This is time for you. I will be here to work alongside you, to listen to you in a non judgemental way so that we can build a strong and trusting, equal relationship.  I am here to help and support you to understand yourself better, so that you can identify what you want and need in your life and by working together help you to make positive changes. 

How it will work

Counselling is very personal and it’s vital you feel you can open up to me. To find out if this works for you we will arrange a phone conversation where we can find out more about each other.

This session lasts for around 20 minutes and is free of charge.

It is a chance for you to explore what it is you want from the sessions, for me to explain how I work for and for you to ask me any questions too.

It’s up to you how many sessions you decide you need. You can receive your counselling from me on an open ended basis or book a specific amount of sessions that can then be extended if you wish.

I also offer life and career coaching which is something many of my counselling clients choose to work with me on after their counselling. This rare and extremely beneficial offering then helps them to set and achieve goals for the future.