M, London
From the beginning my career in London Lisa has paid a huge part to play as an experienced recruiter and a mentor. On launching her own business I was keen to touch base and continue to seek her wealth of knowledge in the business, to help understand my next move in my career. I can honestly say that Lisa’s business offers a great platform for both coaching and mentoring. Her previous career and industry knowledge supply an amazing foundation of experience and reflection to all. For anyone seeking an honest, personal and professional service then I would undoubtedly point them in Lisa’s direction. Thanks again for your patience and support.
E, Herts

Lisa helped me when I was at a cross roads in my professional life. Having had a very successful career but taking time out to look after my two children, I had lost my confidence and found it hard to see a way in which i could do what I really wanted to do. Lisa’s background in counselling gives her the technique of helping you realise your potential and also set short, medium and long term goals to help you achieve what you dream of and get where you want. I’ve recommended Lisa to many of my friends and colleagues and would urge you to work with her if you need someone to steer you in the right direction, share some great ideas, motivate you and build your confidence! Thank you so much .. From my whole family!

P, York

I’ve been working with Lisa over the last 12 months, initially through counselling and more recently through coaching, to help me with personal, relationship and career changes that were becoming overwhelming and seemingly insurmountable. Her relaxed and empathetic approach and professional insight has helped change my outlook and sense of confidence and ability to cope with the challenges I have faced. Through our sessions and follow-on application I feel I have taken back control of my situation and now have the necessary tools for managing my future choices and further improving my life

A, London

Having my own business I reached out to Lisa for coaching, mentoring and focus, all of which I received in abundance. Lisa worked with me to give me clear outlines and achievable small step projections that led to larger changes. What I wasn’t expecting or looking for was the counselling aspect! Through examining my circumstances and listening to my objectives Lisa was able to delve deeper and question why I wasn’t moving forward when I could so clearly see my goals. Lisa brought to light, some small, but nonetheless important emotional factors that were causing a sticking point and preventing me from progressing. It was like a lightbulb moment when suddenly I could see why I was procrastinating and by looking at this it was so much easier to focus and achieve my goals. It was time well spent and I wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to Lisa again!

M, London

Lisa has a wonderfully calm manner and I really appreciate the way she was quickly able to understand my situation and help guide me. This gave me the support that I really needed at the time. Having someone to speak to on a regular basis about my goals and being held accountable really helped push me through, rather than if I was left to my own devices. I’d highly recommend Lisa if you are thinking of changing careers and don’t know where to start. She can help in working with you on a plan of action that’s specific to your needs. Lisa is a fantastic listener and is empathetic towards your needs with just the right dose of cheerleading and encouragement needed to achieve your goals.

D, London

Lisa gives you a clearer mind set and helps you achieve your goals. Work and life cross over constantly and sometimes with the amount of things one has to think about its harder to focus on your main objectives and personal targets. I found that life coaching with Lisa made everything seem clearer and therefore my goals seemed much easier to reach. Lisa gave me confidence and clarity to figure out what I wanted to achieve both in personal and work life. I would highly recommend her.

D, York

Lisa’s ability to listen intently and without judgement was just what I needed. Each time we met I left our conversations feeling restored and better prepared to face the challenges before me. I’ve pressed ‘pause’ on our sessions for now as, equipped with what I had learned from our conversations, I felt able to stand on my own feet. However, I’ve said ‘pause’ rather than ‘stop’ as I can imagine I might well return to Lisa in the future to talk through difficult problems.

R, Yorkshire

I made a career change from teaching to running a small business last year. In a short space of time I was delighted and surprised by how much work I was taking on, but this comes with its own issues of time management, prioritisation and saying no!  I’ve always thought I was good at these things, but speaking to Lisa has been extremely helpful in dealing with the transition from getting started to getting busy. Put simply, I achieved far more with Lisa’s help than I could have done in twice the time if left to my own devices.  She is excellent at keeping me on track with my goals and holding me accountable. Her approach is flexible and supportive and puts the onus on me to make progress. I would highly recommend her services.

D, York
Working with Lisa has been nothing short of brilliant.
The concept of seeking counselling was altogether alien, and thus at the time of taking that first and most difficult step, it was hugely reassuring to speak with someone so empathetic and understanding to the issues I faced.
Roll the clock forward 6 months, and what a difference our sessions have made. They’re not always easy, as Lisa has a wonderful ability to dig beneath skin deep – always at your pace, but the outcomes have been significant. It’s fair to say I’ve probably learned more about myself in the last 26 weeks than I have in the last 26 years!
Walking that difficult line between professional and personable with ease, I’d highly recommend Lisa as a confidant, counsellor and coach. The ultimate result for me personally has been a much more relaxed, happy, and positive outlook on life, family and career in general – which is more than anyone can ask for.
A, York

Working with Lisa has made a profound difference to my life. I was able to get past some damaging limiting beliefs and make important changes in the way I see myself and others. My personal and professional life have both improved enormously. People have commented that I seem like a different person.